Hi, I am MommaLinda!

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I am new to the Lexington area and find myself quite lonely at times although I am a homebody I do enjoy workING in the yard and also enjoy a night out and am a social drinker and smoker. Love the sun and a good fishing trip and a cold beer !! I also love to treasure hunt at yard sales auctions and old abandoned places . I am very spontaneous and try not to make plans just do things as they come in place . I am a good lister and often have some sound advise when and only when asked for . I am not raceist nor judgemental we all have a road we have traveled and with that comes our own stories and tribulations . I believe in my higher power be it God or otherwise however I do not go to church often it's just not for me I suppose. I have skeletons in my closet but I have burried them and prefer to keep them burried.I am very shy at first but once I get comfortable with a person I believe I am a good person to know and be around. I am VERY honest and prefer to surround myself with honest,positive people do not care for drama nor negativity I like my glass half full rather than half empty .I am a very hard worker I work in home and yard maintenance you can check me out at retha.cervantes13@gmail.com or on facebook Retha Cervantes DONEBYONE
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