What's this all about?

What this website is about? Short answer is helping you connect based on personalities.

Imagine classroom full of kids. You know some, but some kids are new. You want to find out who they are. Is it OK to become friends? Do you have something in common?

Notebooks to the rescue! Everyone in a class have a special spiral notebook with list of questions [Favorites] that interests them about peers. [This is called "Communication Application".]

It also contains answers to some questions describing the owner. [Once you join - it's important to answers as many random questions as you can! It increases your visibility and distinguishes you among members.]

You are free to browse answers from any kid's notebook. Once you see someone you like - give your notebook to the kid [Invite...] to fill up new page with his answers to your questions.

At the end of the day you have notebook full of pages each filled by another interesting kid and that many more friends!

In turn, you get to fill out pages in other kid's notebooks - [Accept Invite] from those who found you appealing first.

Go on from there to explore each other worlds and become true friends. Send messages, comment on answers and participate in forums.

Web site features

Edit Personal Info

To edit personal info - log in, navigate to Home, click Edit link with pencil under your profile picture.

Write brief About Me, browse and upload profile picture and keep your Email address updated for timely notifications from members.

View Questions by Topic

To view available questions by topic - click Questions menu link.

Browse and select topic of interest to drill down and see available questions. When spotting an interesting question - be sure to click on the round question icon to see answers already given by our members. Coming Soon! - Add your own questions too!

Answer Questions and Pick Your Favorites

To answer question of your choice - click on the underlined question text. Answer question in the new screen that opens, and Submit.

To make your Communication Application - collect questions you'd like to ask other members. To pick a question as your favorite - click on the star beside it. Once you do, it appears on your home page under My Application section.

View Members Profiles

To view other members profiles - click on the Members link in the main menu.

You can search for members with certain text in their Names or About Info. You can browse profiles by clicking on the member picture. Questions already answered by member will be visible on profile pages. All invited members show up under My Guest section of you profile Home page.

Invite Members to Connect

You can invite members to fill out your communication application so you get to know them better and possibly start a friendship.

To invite member - click Invite Name... hyperlink just below member's profile picture on his(her) profile page. Invitation will be sent via email and when member comes back and accepts your invite - you will get email notification as well. All invited members show up under My Guest section of you profile Home page. Square picture means your invitation was accepted by this member. Congratulations!

Accept Invitations

You can view invitations from members who invited you to connect under My Hosts section.

To accept invite from member - click on his(her) picture in My Hosts list. Press Accept button on subsequent screen. Once you accept - member's questions to you becomes visible. Take your time to answer those and possibly start a friendship!

Remark an Answer

You can comment on member's answers to your questions.

To comment - look for pencil icon with Comment... word beside answer text given by member. Click it and fill up comment box on subsequent screen and click Send button. Your comment will be sent to member.

Support Email

For suggestions, feedback and support please email:

Thank you and have fun at what you do!